Blue Optimizer is a SEO Services Provider.

Technical Implementation
Content Brief
Content Review
Content Publish
Monthly Strategy Call
This is where we take all the information we’ve found during our research phase, and start putting plans into action. Here we implement the changes necessary to fix any SEO issues identified during the research stage and bring your website up to speed. We’ll also work on your off-page SEO factors.
We’ll start to put your content strategy in place by using data from our keyword research to optimise your existing content. We’ll target certain keywords and pages to ensure you bring more customers into your website, maximising your opportunities for growth and revenue. Our skilled writers will prepare high-quality pages that are engaging and informative for your customers to read, helping to build trust and position you as a voice of authority within your industry.
Once the brief is complete, you’ll have final say and approval before any content goes live. It’s important to us to make sure our content is in line with the overall message and tone of your business. We aim to exceed your expectations, and will workshop all content with you to ensure you’re entirely satisfied with the final product.
Once you’ve approved the content, we’ll publish it live to your website – and that’s where the magic begins. As Google starts to crawl through your site, it will start to analyse these new keywords and use this data to adjust your organic search ranking. This can take time – remember, SEO is a long game. But we promise you: the results are absolutely worth it.
Once our SEO implementation work is underway, we schedule a monthly strategy call to take you through the SEO updates we've made, and ensure everything is performing as it should be. We'll always be on hand to answer any SEO questions you have, and make sure you are completely happy with how our work is progressing.