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Google My Business Optimization Service

GMB Optimization

Are You Ready For A Boost In Your GMB Optimization?

Today, a strong web presence is essential for any business. Especially small businesses need to ensure customers can find them on Google Maps and other search engines. And the best way to do that is with a well-optimized GMB listing.

How Is Google My Business Optimization Done?

GMB Optimization is a service that takes one step further regarding what you have done to enhance your Google My Business listings. GMB optimization entails verifying errors or outdated information on your GMB profile, ensuring the first look seems good and search engines find your targeted keyword.

A Google My Business listing can spell the difference between your business being visible online or otherwise. Now that almost everything has gone digital, it is a must to appear on Google Maps and take advantage of their tools to have more exposure in a local search.
GMB optimization is very effective, and it can help you attract high-quality traffic and build a local audience base of potential customers that might be close enough to visit your store. However, this process demands patience because only time will reveal how long-run these SEO efforts will be. Nevertheless, with Kia Ora Digital’s cutting-edge measures, such as keyword research, we wish our clients’ success stories never to end!

Why Should Your Local Business Be Listed On GMB?

Local business success in the digital age is impossible without having a GMB listing. It also assists potential customers and clients to locate you more quickly! Ensure your basic information is up-to-date, optimize your listing, and you’ll be in the Google 3-pack (the top 3 results pop up when someone googles something about your business). This 3-Pack gets 75% of all the clicks!!!

Over the years, Google has done well with its GMB platform, but much still needs to be done to ensure that your GMB listing is up-to-date and SEO optimized. Blue optimizer Digital is a team of global SEO experts with proven success records, so we’re delighted and highly confident to optimize your Google My Business profile for you!

Advantages Of Optimized GMB Listing

Well-maintained listings have five times more views than non-claimed by their owners AND a 2.7x better reputation score when it comes to industry/field of work (which means they’ll rank higher on search engines).
Give some effort to keep the honest listing for your local business; you will see how your business will turn in cyberspace!
Research shows that small things like having a complete listing and updating it regularly could make a difference in gaining new customers. This means they are 38 percent more likely to visit your business, 29 percent more likely to consider purchasing from you, and most importantly, less frustrated with the process!
Google Maps is not limited to directions to driving. Our proven methods will allow you to start attracting new customers! With our GMB Optimization services, your business will be placed on the map. Our combined efforts will optimize your business with better rankings and more traffic in search results across the Google ecosystem.

GMB Audit

Are you looking to ensure that your Google My Business listing is fully optimized? It’s essential to check if you’ve taken care of the following:
● Have you included all the information, like your business name, address, operating hours, and contact details?
● Did you choose the appropriate categories on Google My Business that accurately describe your business?
● Have you added photos that give customers a glimpse of what they can expect from your location or event?
● Have you kept your listing current by regularly posting updates, answering questions, and sharing photos?
● Are you actively responding to customer reviews and encouraging more feedback?
These steps cover the basics for optimizing your GMB listing. However, other factors must be considered to achieve the best possible results.

What Do We Cover In Our GMB SEO Services?

We will guide you through all the features and options on GMB to ensure that you maximize the benefits of our platform. Furthermore, we will create content for posts and media exposure. You can also reach out to us with any inquiries about our services. We’ll gladly provide answers and recommendations based on what works.
We understand the significance of high-quality images in driving the success of your business. However, we recognize that not everyone has the time or expertise to capture images. That’s where our team comes in! We will regularly upload three to five weekly posts on your Google My Business account. These posts will be optimized for location and relevance to captivate your audience’s attention. Each post will feature a photo encouraging customers to click links leading directly to your website. This way, they can easily connect with you regarding their needs and interests.

Here are the services we provide:

● GMB Keyword optimization
● Ensuring NAP accuracy and consistency
● Quality and regularity of posts (pictures, videos, etc.)
● Keeping an eye on GMB Insights and implementing changes if needed.
● Updating the Q&A section
● Giving feedback on how you can make the listing better.

GMBO Services FAQ

What is GMBO?

GMBO is a process of optimizing your Google My Business account to make your business visible and appear in the top search engine results for organic search.

What are the best ways to improve my GMB account?

Optimizing your GMB account involves creating an effective business listing, uploading quality photos, and posting informative content.

What tells me that my GMB account is well-optimized?

However, this question has no universal solution since the optimal optimization scale will depend on your industry, country, and target group. However, you can examine some factors to determine whether your account has been optimized.

Why do I get so many listings when I search for my business?

You might have several reasons why your business appears in search results for others with similar names. There could be other entities in your area with the same name, or another business might have listed the other listing under your name.

Can a person view GMB rankings?

There are many ways to confirm your present Google My Business rankings, including our new GMB rank tracking tool. Feel free to contact us at for more information on this.

When it comes to ranking in Google Maps, do you have any tips?

Google Maps is the premium edition of Google. Having a top position in Google Places will also make your listing more visible and help your business stand out from the rest.

Any advice on how to get reviews?

Send an email to satisfied customers, asking them if they have a minute to leave a review on their experience with your business. Provide people with a coupon for future purchases in exchange for a review.

What is Click-to-Call, and how can I get started?

Call Extensions, or click to Call, enables mobile users to call your business by clicking the search results button. To enable click-to-call, you must create a phone number for your business and verify it with Google.

What is the maximum size for GMB photos?

However, there is no one answer to this question, as the best size for your business’s photos will depend on several factors. These include your industry and target audience.

What is the maximum size for GMB photos?

However, there is no one answer to this question, as the best size for your business’s photos will depend on several factors. These include your industry and target audience.

How frequently should I update my GMB page?

The frequency at which you post depends on various considerations, such as the size of your business, surrounding competition, and the type of posts.
What sorts of information should I include about my business on GMB?

The information to include on your GMB account may vary based on your business and the people you want to reach. However, there are some details you should definitely include, such as a description of your business, your address, operating hours, and a link to your website.

Can I have more than one business in my GMB account?

Yes, you are allowed to add multiple businesses to your GMB account. Ensure that each business has its profile with the right details.

Do we have any other suggestions for optimizing my GMB account?

In addition, you can also add more information to the GMB account by publishing a strong NAP, adding photos and videos, and requesting customers leave their reviews.

What is the best method to rank for a generic search term?

An exact action plan is required to rank for a generic search term successfully. However, you can pick keywords related to your industry to boost your brand’s visibility.

What should I do to optimize my GMB after it is created?

These include creating high-quality lists, strong NAP, and uploading photos and videos. Additionally, you may encourage the customers to leave reviews and always check your rankings so that you can monitor your progress.

What should be in the products section of my Google My Business account?

Your GMB account should have a clear description of the products that you provide. The category of products assists Google in comprehending what business you do and adding appropriate keywords that will lead to people searching for such services to find your business. In addition, you can also give details on the categories where you fall, any images of the products you offer, and your contact information.

What are verified GMB listings?

Once you’ve created a Google My Business listing, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Google. To verify your listing, click the link in the email. It’s important to note that there are two types of Google My Business listings: regular and verified.

What information should I include in the about my business section?

Here, you should give a background to your business and attach your website address. Additionally, let people know the kind of services you offer and why it would be appropriate to choose your business.

What is the number of photos I should include in my GMB account?

The ideal number of photos to include in your GMB account varies depending on factors, including your industry, location, and target audience. Nonetheless, having several photos can enhance your visibility and attractiveness to customers.

What can I learn from the insights part of my GMB account?

From the insights section in your GMB account, you will learn the number of times your business account is viewed, its sources, and where the views are coming from. It helps you determine which types of posts and marketing approaches are good for your business and which aren’t.

What information do I need to provide when creating a Google My Business listing?

It will require your business name, phone number where your customers may reach you, a brief description of your business, and address information so that a person looking for your type of business may find you.

How should I post on GMB?

Promoting your business through GMB posts engages customers. You can use them to inform customers about promotions and products, welcome them, and introduce them to your business and services. Just make sure your posts focus on your business and its target market.

Will I be allowed to include my website's URL in my GMB profile?

Of course, you can add your website URL to your GMB profile and link it as part of your business information. Ensure that the link takes people to a landing page optimized for customers.