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Keyword Research Service

If you need potential traffic and profitable keywords for your business, our SEO keyword research service will be of great help. We are very good at niche-specific keyword research and we can help get the most out of your website.


The Right SEO Keyword Research Service for Your Potential Traffic

Keywords are an important part of SEO strategy, so you should develop adequate keyword analysis to attract your target audience. Do not worry if you are not able to find profitable keywords for your business, just leave this for us to take the best keyword research service.

Blueoptimizer will be one of the affordable professional-grade solutions that you will find across the world keyword research companies. Just reach us when you have an e-commerce or affiliate site and we will perform niche-relevant research.

How Does Keyword Research Work

Not everyone is your ideal customer. Your visibility on search engines is essential for driving the potential audience to your website with the appropriate keywords. You may reach your customers who are looking for solutions you may provide by using niche-relevant, low-competitive keywords.

Niche Relevant Keyword Research

First of all, you need to carry out thorough research on your business and niche. The more research you conduct on your niche, the more you will discover topics and ideas that are relevant to your industry. Create every possible topic or idea for your content in an Excel sheet or spreadsheet. Check if your website is okay or not.

Pick Profitable Keywords

You’re almost done. This is the moment you should generate profitable keywords for your business. Mozbar, SEMRUSH, and Ahref are some of the paid keyword research tools you can use. You can use keyword planner and Google Trends to follow social media hashtags and trends. If you cannot do this then just give us a chance – we’ll get this done.

Know Your Goal

To drive the ideal audience on your website, you should know your target plan for how you want to run your business and get profits. Firstly, by partnering with us we will understand your idea as well as your business strategy to brainstorm your keywords.

Research Your Niche

Proper knowledge of your niche helps the keyword researchers to conduct competitive keyword research. To identify useful keywords for your business we’ll carry out thorough research on your niche.

Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

Idea brainstorming is a must to get the best out of your niche keyword research. This brainstorming process would be more fruitful if we took a look at suggested keywords from search engines, Google Trends, and social media channels.

Observe Top Competitors

The competitor analysis can be updated to give you an update on how to improve your keyword research plan to make it work more efficiently. Regardless of the stage that you are at, our team will always track your competitors and find fruitful informative and buying keywords.

Effective Use of Keyword Research Tools

We will use some paid keyword research tools to generate more keywords for your business. By using those tools, we will research and get those short and long-tail keywords for you, which will definitely outshine your competitors because of keyword optimization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is keyword research important?

Your business requires people who are interested in your product and service. The majority of the people carry out their research on the search engines before making their purchase decisions. There is no way to drive that traffic on your website if you don’t work on proper keyword research. Therefore, proper keyword research is essential, and it should be your main focus.

How do you conduct your keyword research?

In our project, five different steps are followed. In those five steps we study your niche, compare you with your competitors, and select the best keywords for your business. Our keyword research process includes the use of paid keyword research tools and other integral analytics.

What is your price for providing the keyword research service?

It depends on your niche, others, and other factors. We have different competitive pricing packages, you can see the latest charge in the pricing section. However, we are not so hard-hearted.

Why should I choose Blue Optimizer’s keyword research service above any other service provider?

Now, a question that will arise in your mind, is why should you take keyword research services from us. Of course, the right keyword, will bring the desired visitors to your website, make more sales and raise revenue. Our keyword research service guarantee will make any other keyword research company look like an amateur and bring you the highest ROI.

What kinds of keyword research services do you offer?

We offer all kinds of keyword research services, including Amazon niche keywords, e-commerce business keywords, and others, depending on your needs. It does not matter whether you have a niche site or a big e-commerce company; we have different pricing packages to allow you to choose your own.

Why shouldn't I do my own keyword research?

Blue Optimizer is not simply an array of keyword research tools and solutions, but the expertise to use these technologies to help our clients identify opportunities to increase traffic and digital revenue. This includes other services to implement these recommendations and keyword research strategies such as metadata, content strategy, and development.