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Get your local profile on Google to get more customers

Building your online local presence is important if your business is local, has multiple stores, or targets a loyal customer base. Local SEO specialists who will promote your business through the right channels so that local customers can easily find you.

Local SEO services and their role in your business

Regardless of whether you’re a service-based business operating in a catchment area or a physical establishment looking to get boots through the door, local SEO can assist. In using proven strategies, we place your business right in front of local customers in the search results.

In the past, searchers did not need to type in their location for the results to appear by their location. Now, businesses trying to reach local audiences cannot just rely on high rankings for search queries that include locations.

As a local digital marketing agency, we have extensive experience in helping local businesses grow their brand in their areas of focus and attract more customers to their markets. We can assist you in increasing your profile wherever you are based.

We are a certified Google Partner agency and have helped businesses with similar problems improve their local search visibility. Contact us to learn more.

Our approach to local SEO

Local SEO is simply telling Google that your web pages are more relevant on a local basis, and your website as a whole. In other words, we use different tools and techniques that we have at our disposal to develop your local presence and demonstrate that your business should be the one to serve local people when your customers need your products/services.

Our local SEO services include

Website Optimization

Your site should represent your local profile with your address, references to serviced areas, and local services.

Local Citations

If Google sees your business name and address written repeatedly in trustworthy online publications, it believes in your location as well as credibility in your field.

Local Digital PR

A lot of your local SEO strategy will come from local media and publications. We will locate the stories and spread them in the local press to make sure you receive the coverage that works for you in your neighborhood.

Google My Business

Building your local presence is incomplete without a Google free tool that helps you to manage your Google Maps listing, Knowledge Panel, and more. Optimizing your GMB profile enhances your credibility and visibility in several ways.

Local Link Building

People must talk about your brand online, just as they do offline. We will assist you in finding those opportunities by which to get the local businesses and the local authorities to mention your company.

Our Affordable Local SEO Pricing

Kia Ora Digital offers cost-effective SEO services specifically optimized for your target goals. Our local SEO cost starts at $397/month and is suited to any kind of business. However, we do not settle for less even though the services are offered at a reasonable price while maintaining quality standards. Therefore, our local SEO services will increase your online presence, and customers, and improve sales. Contact us today for more details on our services and cost estimations, thus enabling you to get a high-performing business tomorrow.

Our Affordable Local SEO FAQs

What is local SEO?

Local SEO, also referred to as local search engine optimization, seeks to attract more local customers. This approach can be beneficial to any business with a physical location or operating in a geographical location.

Why is local SEO important?

Local SEO enables people to locate your business. With people using search engines like Google to find products and services around them, it is important to go above your SEO competitors and appear before your customers. This will make sure you are not losing out on business.

Should I get help from a local SEO agency?

Local SEO is a time and expertise-taking affair. Hence, if you want to succeed in long-term local search results then you need to hire a dedicated agency.

Kia Ora Digital is an agency that gives you a team of SEO professionals who have been in the game for a long time helping clients compete and win over other competitors. No matter where your business is in terms of local online presence, we are well-positioned to help you grow digitally and have delivered results for other similar businesses.

Why do you choose Kia Ora Digital as your SEO agency?

Kia Ora Digital is the name of a reputed digital marketing agency with a highly skilled digital marketing team. We are constantly seeking new and improved ways of attaining organic success internally, and are always sharing our knowledge with the digital marketing community externally. We have a team of strategists and specialists, which enables us to provide the most appropriate mix of abilities that any company requires.

How long will it take to see the results of your affordable local SEO service?

However, it is difficult to tell the exact time it will take to measure the impact after spending on our affordable local SEO. Nevertheless, we can say that the speed of results depends on how quickly and properly our recommendations are implemented.

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