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Google My Business Management pricing

How does Google My Business Management pricing work?

This article will teach you how much Google My Business management pricing is.

You will also get a big picture of the Google My Business Management pricing list, which displays the average costs expected to be payable to a digital marketing company. This company will help you manage your Google My Business Management profile listing every month. By doing this, we will attract more customers, mainly local ones to your storefront.

 A Google My Business Management Profile is an effective way of service for any business or organization. This local business or organization uses the profile to manage its online presence across Google for SEO purposes. From this article, you will get the answer to the question of how much the Google My Business Management profile costs for your company.

How much does Google My Business Management cost?

Using Google My Business Management is free. To reach more clients online, you may manage your business listing for Google Maps and Search by creating a Google My Business Profile, which is free to do.

What is the cost of a Google listing?

A Google listing for your My Business Profile is free of charge, however obtaining a Google Guaranteed badge for your listing requires a $50 monthly payment, and the typical cost of a click on the Google Search Network for Local Ad listings is between $1 and $2.

Go to to create your Google My Business Profile. Alternatively, go to this other tutorial for detailed steps on setting up a Google My Business account.

Only companies who complete a screening and verification procedure through Local Services Ads or its partners are eligible to display the Google Guarantee badge. In the guarantee, it is mentioned that “Google may, in its absolute and sole discretion, reimburse the customer up to the amount paid for the initial service, subject to a lifetime limit,” if “customers (who] aren’t satisfied with the quality of your work.”

You may also set up Google Smart Campaign to run pay-per-click (PPC) local SEO advertisements for your business. After that, you can link your Smart Campaign to your My Business Profile by following the instructions here. According to that guidance, “Your ads display your business address and link to your business profile or Maps driving directions to your business when you link your Business Profile and Smart campaigns.”

Google My Business Management pricing

The average monthly cost for Business Profile optimization, monitoring, and listing updates on Google My Business is $199. Additionally, you must pay $50 for each Google My Business Profile post to inform clients about your business.

Here we are going to show a table where the pricing is listed according to the services that are provided by the companies:

Google My Business Management Service Frequency Pricing


Full business profile optimization Monthly $199
One-time profile setup Once $500
Google My Business posting strategy development Once $250
Recurring business profile post Weekly $50
Q&A responses Weekly $50
Analytics monitoring and reporting Monthly $100


As you can see, the cost of managing your Google My Business Profile might vary based on the services you require. Complete optimization and management are provided by a monthly pricing plan, but you’re usually obligated to a yearlong commitment. Thankfully, there are also individual GMB Profile services available, allowing you to pay solely for the setup or weekly or monthly management of specific areas of your Business Profile.

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Is setting up a Google My Business profile free of cost?

Establishing a Google My Business Profile for your business is cost-free. By creating a free listing on Google My Business, you can add images and information about your company, such as its address, phone number, website, services, and goods, as well as data about future events and other information.

A free Google My Business profile needs:

1) Business Name.

2) Website Link.

3) Phone Number.

4) Address (if applicable).

5) Hours of operation.

6) Label (company description).

7) Categories.

8) Reviews.

9) Photos.

Google My Business Management pricing summary

I hope this guide to the pricing of Google My Business helped answer your question.

As you found out, there is no charge for a GMB Profile listing, and listing your company in Google Maps and Search is also free. Nonetheless, the Google My Business pricing chart on this page lists the digital marketing firms that will assist you with creating and maintaining your listing in exchange for a charge. Thus, decide which option—free administration on your own or with a paid service—best suits your interests and financial situation.

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